Goal: The United States has a lot of people from different backgrounds and views. We vary by our race, religion, ethnic origins, gender, sexual orientation, physical and cognitive features, opinions, and many other things. We bring different things to the table. This blog aims to show that differences can exist with caring, belonging, and contributing. It wants to show how different individuals are part of this society.


The posts will give voice to different people, and each will reflect the voice of the speaker. Each post should address:

Who am I? The speaker should define him or herself – based on what about themselves they want to share, what matters to them.

Why I care? What about the United States is important to me, what do I value, what connects me?

How I contribute? This can address work – work that directly helps others, work that helps society, work that matters simply because you’re part of a big economy; it can address social contributions – I bring a perspective, value, etc; or anything else.


Limit: Attacks on other groups/individuals are unacceptable.